Combining expertise to build a world-scale facility

ExxonMobil and SABIC are proposing to build a plastics manufacturing facility in San Patricio County, Texas. The project, Gulf Coast Growth Ventures, is a unique opportunity created by the abundance of low cost U.S. natural gas. ExxonMobil and SABIC bring unmatched expertise to this project, having worked together in petrochemical ventures for more than 35 years.

Creating economic opportunities

If the project proceeds, economic forecasts indicate the multi-billion dollar investment would create significant benefits for the state, generating thousands of jobs and stimulating positive economic growth.



average annual salary

6,000 Jobs

during peak construction phase

$22 billion

in economic gains for the state during construction

$50+ billion

in economic gains for the state during first 6 years


indirect and induced jobs in the state


new, permanent jobs with good salaries and benefits

Producing beneficial, everyday products

Ethylene from an ethane steam cracker would feed three derivative units. One unit would produce monoethylene glycol, which is used in latex paints, automotive coolants and anti-freeze, or as a building block to create various forms of plastics. Additionally, two polyethylene units would provide polyethylene for use in film, packaging, bottles and containers, and various sized pipes.


Conduct Competitive Site Studies


Select Project Location


File Permit Applications


Obtain Permit Approvals


Make Final Investment Decision


Begin Construction


Project Startup

Our Commitment

Safety and environmental sustainability are of primary importance to ExxonMobil and SABIC, who have industry leading safety and environmental records. Those priorities will be reflected throughout the development, construction and operational phases of the project.

The project is committed to keeping the community informed as it progresses.

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