Hire Smart - Hire Local

Education & Workforce LogoAs part of Gulf Coast Growth Ventures' Good Neighbor Program, Hire Smart - Hire Local aims to ensure local residents have opportunities to work with the proposed GCGV project. 

GCGV expects to create over 600 new permanent jobs with good salaries and benefits. These are important jobs that have high skill requirements, and we will work closely with local educational institutions to create curriculum and training facilities to develop our workforce locally. The project will also generate about 6,000 construction jobs at peak times, creating a significant opportunity for the local construction workforce.

The project is committed to developing a pathway for the local workforce to gain the necessary skills and experience. We are pursuing opportunities to work with local community colleges, high schools and other institutions to develop and enhance existing workforce training programs.  See below for more information, and please stay tuned as we develop and enhance the details of our programs.