Letter from Rob Tully: The fact about BACT

June 23, 2017

Some questions have been raised in the community about Best Available Control Technology (BACT).  To be clear, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) defines BACT according to their standard. The Gulf Coast Growth Ventures facility will be held to the TCEQ’s standard, and we will meet their standard – nothing less.

As required by the Clean Air Act, the TCEQ will hold GCGV to a BACT standard that they determine is achievable by our facility while taking into account energy, environmental, economic impacts and other costs.  Residents can rest assured that the TCEQ will dictate and approve GCGV using Best Available Control Technology.

As our permit application reflects, GCGV is investing millions of dollars in environmental controls, modeling work to guide facility placement and Best Available Control Technology. We will work with the TCEQ to ensure operations and emissions are protective of public health and the environment.

Learn more about BACT from the TCEQ.




Rob Tully, Venture Executive
Gulf Coast Growth Ventures