Gulf Coast Growth Ventures recognizes that if the project proceeds, project construction will result in traffic impacts to the local community. The project is committed to minimizing these impacts and communicating with residents about when major events will occur.


During the construction period, the proposed project would generate increases in traffic in the local area, particularly on the roads adjacent to the proposed site. Moderate increases in traffic are anticipated during operations.

To help minimize impacts to the community, the project, in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation and San Patricio County, is considering the following road upgrades:


  1. Improve the U-turn at Sunset Rd and add travel lanes to NBFR and SBFR
  2. Add right turn lane onto new, dedicated project road
  3. Close median opening
  4. Improve CR 3677/US 181 intersection


  1. Add travel lanes to NBFR and SBFR
  2. Improve FM 2986/US 181 Intersection
  3. Upgrade CR 3677 to five lanes
  4. Upgrade CR 1612 to two full lanes and improve intersections at site access points


  1. Upgrade FM 2986 to five lanes; improve intersections at site access points



ExxonMobil North American Growth Project
Baytown, Texas

ExxonMobil established a committee of project team members and local stakeholders to manage issues associated with vehicle traffic, construction material deliveries and oversized load movements.

  • Members: Mayor, deputy city manager, assistant city manager, chief of police, assistant chief of police, fire chief, planning department manager and engineering department manager.
  • Other engagement: Met with local school district to discuss road construction plans, traffic routing and potential impact to school buses and other school traffic. Communicated with local residents and businesses via door-to-door meetings, emails and social media.
  • Results: Local residents were informed and able to plan for any traffic impacts from the project. Project avoided potential traffic issues around local events, school events and school traffic. Contractors respected “designated truck routes” established by the city, which helped to minimize the amount of construction traffic on residential or neighborhood roads.


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