Local Hiring



The Gulf Coast Growth Ventures project expects to create over 600 new permanent jobs with good salaries and benefits. These are important jobs that have high skill requirements. We are working closely with local educational institutions to create curriculum and training facilities to develop our workforce locally. The GCGV project's Hire Smart - Hire Local initiative aims to ensure local residents have opportunities to work with the project.

The project will generate about 6,000 construction jobs at peak times, creating a significant opportunity for the local construction workforce. The project will also create an additional 3,500 indirect jobs for local industry. These include a wide range of employment opportunities from additional jobs for restaurants and hotels, maintenance and operational service providers for the facility, suppliers of goods and materials, and specialty contracting companies. 

In the San Patricio and Nueces County area, there is currently a construction workforce of 10,000 people who live and work in the area. The timing of this project fits well with Economic Development Board projections of a tapering off of current work projects so many of the construction jobs will be available to local workers.




Workforce Development

The project is committed to developing a pathway for the local workforce to gain the necessary skills and experience. We are pursuing opportunities to work with local community colleges, high schools and other institutions to develop and enhance existing workforce training programs.

Hiring and Training

During construction, the project’s major construction contractors will be focused on sourcing construction trades from the local area, providing continued employment for local construction workers. The GCGV Workforce Solutions database connects local residents to available construction jobs. Those interested in construction jobs should create an account and submit their information to the database.

In hiring for operational jobs, the project will focus on the local workforce. Because this will be a new facility, with high levels of expertise and experience needed at the outset, the project would likely bring in a core set of experienced employees from other company facilities. The project anticipates that the majority of the remaining employees are likely to be local hires. The project will have about five years to hire and train its workforce. We anticipate that we will hire early, send the new hires to other company facilities to gain experience, and then move them back to the new facility when it becomes operational.

Local Business Development

The project is working with local economic development organizations and our engineering, procurement and construction contractors to ensure local businesses have opportunities to work with the project. Please visit our Local Business Initiative page for more information.



Baytown, Texas

  • ExxonMobil in Baytown has worked with Lee College since 1934. ExxonMobil provides instructors, technical support, materials, internships and scholarships. The program has expanded to seven community colleges in the Houston region. For more information, visit gulfcoastcc.org/ccpi.

  • At the high school level, ExxonMobil invests in STEM education. We bring engineers and operators into the classroom, participate in career days and recruit local graduates. 


Mount Vernon, Indiana 

  • Employees are key members of the Indiana Works Council and a regional committee called BrainPower.

  • The aim is to address one of Indiana’s most pressing issues: building a workforce pipeline to close the skills and attrition gaps faced by regional industry.

  • BrainPower engages with parents, teachers and educators to demonstrate that children do not have to go to a four-year college to qualify for a rewarding, well-paying job. 


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