Water Supply



The proposed project would receive water for industrial use from the O. N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant, operated by the city of Corpus Christi, while drinking water would be supplied by the cities of Portland and Gregory. The project anticipates using an average of about 20 million gallons of water per day.


Representatives from the project have met with the local authorities and water districts who have confirmed the projected water use is within their existing capability and will not impact their ability to provide residential potable water. If the project proceeds, it will work closely with the local authorities and water districts to develop and implement water supply plans for the project.

Independent of our project, the city of Corpus Christi and San Patricio Municipal Water District anticipate a need for additional regional supply in the longer term (2030s or 2040s) and are working proactively on opportunities for increased supply. Projected demands could accelerate this need for additional regional supply by about five years. The anticipated need for additional regional supply is based on additional future industry not yet realized and does not account for offsets in industry, such as Sherwin Alumina’s closing.


The project is working closely with the cities of Gregory and Portland to align on a win-win solution that provides sanitary sewer services for our plant while benefiting local infrastructure.



The project is committed to ensuring operations do not affect the safety of local water supplies. To help prevent contamination of the water supply, project systems will be designed with multiple layers of protection including back flow preventers like air gaps. An air gap prevents water from the facility from back-flowing into the public water supply because the water supply will enter our tanks above the tank overflow water level. This is the safest method of preventing cross contamination, since it relies on a physical barrier rather than a valve mechanism.

As an example, see below the drawing that illustrates the gap between the top of the water in the water tank and the supply inlet. 


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